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Today on the shelves of bookstores have plenty of books. Stores have become more like libraries, where you can find everything your heart desires. Modern writers daily replenish shelves with his works, and often quite decent. But educators and psychologists persistently trying to get us back to the classics. And does it make sense in the modern world to read classic literature? Of course, Yes. There is a classic in any genre, be it mystery, fantasy, fiction, or drama, and if you don't like to read any one genre, it doesn't mean that all classics are horrible. Any book is addictive due to its plot and characters is like diving into those events, no 3D movie can not be compared with this feeling. But other than that there's plenty of other reasons to read the classics. First, it provides knowledge. Second, it develops you, when reading you need to spend a lot of mental effort, which in turn causes your brain to work. In addition to the book you can find a lot of useful tips and clever ideas. Because of the books you will be able to get answers to many questions, it's a lot more interesting than any another scandal stars. And don't forget that knowledge is power. And classical literature gives erudition, literacy, and trains the imagination, thus helping to look at what is happening in everyday life from a different angle.

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